See below for a list of agencies and websites that may provide useful sources of help and/or information:

Camden Advice Partnership
A partnership of independent agencies providing legal advice to Camden residents
Published by Citizens Advice, Adviceguide provides information on your rights, including benefits, housing, family matters and employment, and on debt, consumer and legal issues.
Information on rights and legal issues.
Directgov is the website of the UK government providing information and
online services from across government departments
Liberty’s online guide to human rights law in England and Wales.
This website will direct you to find suitable legal advisers and solicitors near you.
Advice and support for people with learning difficulties and their carers.
Advice for people with mental health issues.
Offers emotional support and information to anyone affected by mental health problems.
Help and advice for carers.
Age UK provides support for older people, their carers and families.
Help with relationships and families, guidance and counselling.
Supporting poorest families, their website provides comprehensive guidance leaflet downloads.
Solace Women’s Aid runs shelters and advice programmes for women and children who have been victims of domestic violence
Supporting victims of domestic violence

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